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The selling price will be the displayed amount (display price / consumption tax included).

About Payment Billing Date


Payment method: You can use settlement by credit card.
Payment Timing: Payment will be confirmed at the time the product order is confirmed.

Deferred payment (Payment in full is made at a convenience store up to 14 days after you have been billed):

Deferred payment processing fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

View deferred payment service MIRAIBARAI's terms of service here

Post pay(Pay ID)(Convenience store: Pay on the 10th of the month following purchase):

Payment service fee: 350 JPY (tax included)

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer commission fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

Shipping Date


We will ship within 3 business days after receiving delivery request.
Depending on the product, it may take time to arrived for about 1week more.

Make Dice Storeではエコ活動推進のため、環境資源節約にあたりペーパーレス化を実施するべく、お届けのご注文商品に納品書は同封致しておりません。自動配信で届くメールが納品書の代わりになりますので、商品がお手元に届くまで保管して頂きます様お願い致します。また、ご希望のお客様はお手数ですが、備考欄に納品書希望と明記お願い致します。メールにてお送りさせて頂きます。

About Packing List
The Make Dice Store does not enclose a packing list with the product ordered to deliver a paperless solution to conserve environmental resources in order to promote eco activities. The email delivered by automatic delivery will replace the packing list, so please keep it until the product arrives. In addition, the customer who hopes is sorry to trouble you, but please specify delivery statement hope in the remarks column. I will send it by email.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods


Please contact us within 3 business days if there is a problem with the item you arrive. I will exchange it for a new one.

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